May 30th 2023

Quit Bitchin' and Fuck Me, Dude

  • Quit Bitchin' and Fuck Me, Dude


    Title: Quit Bitchin' and Fuck Me, Dude [DVD]
    Genre: Muscle
    Runtime: 197 Min.
    Language/s: English
    Video Stream: DVD-5
    Audio Stream: Line
    Video Codec: MPEG-2
    Size: 4370 MB
    Parts: 5 files
    Password: gaypower


    Straight guys care so much about keeping their pride – so even when they unexpectedly get wood for their male friends, they would sooner die than admit it! That’s why it’s up to their buddies to coax these horned up jocks out of their denial. They may shake their heads no, but their throbbing hard-ons tell a different story, and dicks don’t lie! It’s gonna take some convincing to get him to say yes to unleashing the rock-hard bulge forming in his pants, but not as much as you’d think. His client’s husband, his sister’s fiance, his roommate, his bro’s best friend… all these ripped straight hunks doth protest too much, but secretly wanna get it on the down-low. Sometimes you just gotta say “dude – quit bitchin’ and FUCK ME!” Phenix Saint, Mark Long, Arad, Luke Milan, Lucas Knight, and more, star in five stories of steamy straight seduction that’ll have any straight guy saying “fuck it” and diving right in on their buddy’s fresh hole.

    Year: 2016
    Stars: Alexander Gustavo, Arad, Lucas Knight, Luke Milan, Mark Long, Max Penn, Orlando Fox, Phenix Saint, Quentin Gainz, Roman Todd, Scotty Zee
    Studio: Next Door Studios


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